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Product Design Service

Are you looking to develop a new product or improve an existing one?  Well, that's great because we can help you along the way.


Developing a new or existing product for its intended application is a complex process. Mechcorp Design has the experience and knowledge that is fundamental to a successful design solution and result.


Additionally,  Mechcorp Design uses the latest in 3D CAD technology that enables us to facilitate the design, development, and execution of a product much more precisely which inevitably reduces the inherent risk associated with new product development. By default, this enables us to offer less time spent developing the product which in turn means you pay less!

Product Design Consultancy - UK - North East - Durham
Product Design Consultant - UK - North East - Durham


What you get with our product design service:

3D CAD models.

Close support from our experienced designers.

Collaboration at every stage of the product development stage. 

Your product will be developed in 3D CAD to enable us to design at a more complex and technical level.

Once the design is approved, we ensure that we continue to support you and your team during the manufacturing process. 


Why choose Mechcorp Design?

At Mechcorp Design we provide mechanical engineering and product design services to businesses in a wide variety of sectors from heavy engineering, oil & gas through to the consumer markets.  We ensure that your ideas and products become commercially viable and perform. 

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We draw from many years of experience in the engineering and product design sector. We amalgamate and apply all of this expertise to your project.


We are committed to providing the highest standard of work to our customers. We put quality at the forefront of every project we undertake. 


Our services are focused on providing you with the solutions you need to suit your budget, giving you real and quantifiable return on investment.

Value for money

We take great pride in our efficiency, focusing our effort on getting the most work possible out of every hour spent on your project without compromising  quality. 

Rapid service

Product Development Services - UK - North East - Durham


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